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The book "Let´s Play Serious and Create a Company" by Olga Gould includes the English Version.
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"EmpresariTos" is Petunia´s place and for Little Entrepreneurs.
A little entrepreneur girl, eight years old, and her parents help very small businesses kids to have fun creating a company.
"Only if we stop to think about the little things we will understand the big ones" Jose Saramago. Portuguese writer, journalist and playwright. Nobel Prize for Literature 1998.

Hello note by the owner of this blog
Hello, people call me Petunia *, I am a very small business entrepreneur. I am eight years old. I created this blog with the help of my parents to help other children to create their own business and have fun doing it.
Remember to have a dictionary handy if you find any words here that you not understand it, feel free if you want to ask something here.
Invite your friends and acquaintances to visit my blog. Everything you find in this space is intellectual property of myself and my parents who help adults to create and promote their businesses in various countries. Please do not copy or distribute without our permission. More information www.GLFVenture.com Thank you. See you around bye!

SWOT Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
Analyze the internal strengths and weaknesses of your business. Your resources, physically what accounts to get started and what keeps you from achieving what you want.
For example, a weakness may be your young age, you might want to do something but it will tunr extremely difficult for you, however to be young can be use as a strength because you can create things that adults can not think and you can be very successful .
Analyze externally the Opportunities and what threats your business. Evaluate the opportunities that come your way, look at your surroundings what people need.
For example, what opportunities provides the place where you sell your product or service.
What chance do you have with what you know, what you are trained to do, for example your skills in creating products or your technology skills, in addition to what you're willing to do. A threat may be the weather, climate, and rain can mess up the place where you have the products.
To assess all of this together will make you have good ideas to prevent such threats.

¿What is the role of parents and grandparents in this game of creating business?
Creative businesses that make up your children can be motivated as a game to promote their creativity. It is important not to look at their companies as a responsibility to work or to be obligatory, rather it is a workout that will help their businesses run when they are older.
The try, failure and succees in this game of create a company is part of learning experience. In this site, we show business strategies based on actual procedures of entrepreneurship for adults, but much simpler, in which the role of adults is very important. If your son, grandson or nephew proposes a business initiative, you can guide them to learn from this experience for a future as a successful entrepreneur, here thera are some ideas that need your expertise and the inteligence of the child to be fun.

1. First Customers: Adults who are in charge of the education of children will be the first customers, so you need to lovingly make official claims for the service or product, it is your responsibility to show their children or grandchildren the rights and duties that customers have and specially the rights and dutties of the children. It is important to get involved in the game to monitor and approve the interactions that the child has with potential customers.

2. Business Ethics: Managing money and saving is very important to be teached from an early age, as well as ethics and morality in business. For this reason, emphasis should be placed in the right for those involved. If in the event that your child create a business that involves signing contracts or establishing a payment in installments, make and meet according to what you agree, otherwise you will show that the rules can be skipped and that is not what is intended to show to children into the world of business.

3. Teaching Skills: If you have a skill or know how to create a product or service and it is easy to teach to these eager children you will be amazed with the skills their little minds have to improve what you offer.

4. Research: Encourage your child to investigate how to improve his/her product, to investigate which product can be manufactured by his/her own resources. Research is very important now and in all activities proposed in the future, the reading should be entertaining and the research constant .

5. Variety entertainment If the children are not interested in pursuing the company, do not insist, let them take their time off, remember that the most important obligation for them is to study and the academic performance in school, that's their job.
Teach them that they can come back to their entrepreneurial projects and you'll always be there to support them.

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